February 19, 2005

Radio Free Nepal

What a great site doing exactly what we have wanted.


February 08, 2005

Cry, The Beloved Country!

Karl Marx has rightly said:"History repeats as farce or tragedy." History has been recently repeated in our beloved country in the form of tragedy.This is a tragedy engineered and wrought by an ambitious king who is equally dogged and stubborn.A person who has become king by chance has destined us to live in the Dark Age or rather Stone Age.He is giving us our natural rights piece by piece and we are treated like his slaves.History tells us that tyrants always take risks and by the same token, thier steps are buried in the sands of time.I am hopeful that this king too will see his fate sooner or later. Time and tide wait for none. This is a Nepali tsunami. The waves of this "Apocalypse Now" may have been receding, but the consequences will mark the begining of Republic of Nepal.

Go For It!

Dear Nepalis,

You all have been robbed of your rights; you all have been deceived and pushed back into the state from where you can see no future. This is the place from where you can raise your voice to the world.

Register! Everything will be annoymous. And post.

We Want Democracy!